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Biology Practice Test #1

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What type of bonds occur between purines and pyrimidines

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The physical expression of alleles, such as hair or eye colour is known as

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Once a plasmid has incorporated specific genes, such as the gene coding for the antibiotic ampicillin, into its genome, the plasmid may be cloned by

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A heterotroph

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If the activation energy of a reaction were to be lowered its rate would

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Which of one of the following is true if an individual has two different alleles at a given locus

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Organisms of the domain Archaebacteria can undergo genetic exchange via which of the following lateral gene transfer methods


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DNA replication occurs in a _____ model

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In animal cells, which of the following represents the most likely pathway that a secretory protein takes as it is synthesized in a cell?

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The process by which cells transport materials outside of their membrane is known as

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The Krebs Cycle ends with the reformation of

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Which of the following best accounts for the ability of legumes to grow well in nitrogen-poor soils?

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During which phase of meiosis can non-disjunction occur

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The unique feature of each amino acid is its

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In a reaction, the meaning of the word reduce is to

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When Glucose is converted to glycogen in the liver

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Which organelle is responsible for the degradation of biological macromolecules by hydrolysis

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The resting membrane potential depends on which of the following?

I. Active transport

II. Selective permeability

III. Differential distribution of ions across the axonal membrane

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Which of the following best explains why a population is described as an evolutionary unit

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Organisms that can photosynthesize and contain a peptidoglycan cell wall are most likely from the domain

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The first law of thermodynamics states that

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All of the following play a role in morphogenesis EXCEPT

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The purpose of a punnet square is to

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Some strains of viruses can change normal mammalian cells into cancer cells in vitro. This transformation of the mammalian cell is usually associated with the

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Which of the following is true about bryophytes

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Which of the following does NOT take place in the small intestine

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In the developing embryo, which of the following would be formed from the mesoderm germ layer

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Which of the following adaptive features would least likely be found in an animal living in a hot arid environment?

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This pedigree chart shows individuals afflicted with a certain trait. Based on this chart we can assume that this trait is

Pedigree Chart 1

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All of the following statements are correct regarding alleles EXCEPT

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In chick embryos, the extraembryonic membrane that provides nourishment to the fetus is the

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In birds, red hair colour is dominant to blue hair colour. Which of the following would you use to mate with a red-haired bird to determine the red bird’s genotype?

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Some birds do not choose to mate randomly. Instead, they create elaborate dancing rituals in attracting and choosing a mate. This is a good example of

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Organize the taxonomic ranks of life

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What organelle has the function of synthesizing proteins

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A bacteria auxotrophic for arginine is placed onto a minimal growth medium. Which of the following is true

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All steroids are based on the structure of

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Which of the following is a difference between meiosis and mitosis

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A feature of amino acids NOT found in carbohydrates is the presence of

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Which of the following DNA strands would denature from its complementary strand first as temperature increases

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