CanMEDS Roles: Making Stronger Professional School Applications

When you are applying to professional schools, it is important to showcase that you have the qualities that the program is looking for. One way to do this is by highlighting your CanMEDS roles. Each of the seven roles can be demonstrated through your academic and extracurricular experiences. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can make a strong application for medical school or dental school by showcasing your CanMEDS skills!


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How Much Do Dentists Make in Canada? A Comprehensive Guide

How much money do dentists make in Canada? It’s a question that many people are curious about, and for good reason – dentists play an important role in our health and wellbeing. In this comprehensive guide, we will take a look at the average dentist salary in Canada, as reported by 1,000 practicing dentists, as well as some of the factors that can affect how much money a dentist makes. So whether you’re thinking about becoming a dentist or just curious about what they earn, read on for all the details!


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How to Become a Dentist in Canada

Becoming a dentist in Canada is dependent on certain factors including the province/territory you wish to study in and the school at which you were educated at. This post provides a detailed insight into the process of becoming a dentist from start to finish, no matter what educational background or country you come from. There are 5 steps in becoming a practicing dentist in Canada:

  1. Obtaining a Bachelor’s Undergraduate Degree
  2. Obtaining a University Degree in Dentistry
  3. Completion of an Exam from the National Dental Examining Board of Canada 
  4. Registration with the Dentistry College in your Province/Territory
  5. Additional Steps for International Applicants from Non-Accredited Universities

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Dental School Acceptance Rates in Canada

All applicants should consider the requirements of each dental school as well as their acceptance rate before applying. 

The average acceptance rate for all dental schools in Canada in 2021 was 13%. If you would like to see the acceptance rates of the American Dental School click here. The total number of applicants, interview spots, and accepted students each year has been provided by the individual dental schools below.


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Dental School Costs in Canada

WARNING! Canadian dental school costs posted online are wildly inaccurate. Almost all the sites, including many of the individual Canadian dental school websites, state only the dental school tuition. Amongst all university programs, dentistry programs are unique in that in addition to tuition you must purchase costly mandatory instruments, books, and supplies from the university directly. These additional costs make a dentistry degree the most expensive university degree and must be considered as “tuition” since it is part of the fees paid to the university, hence in our analysis below we have included these costs.

The cost of dental schools in Canada is an important factor in deciding which dental school you attend. We’ve compiled the most up-to-date information on the total cost you can expect to pay for each of the 10 dental schools in Canada. If you would like to skip to a specific part of this guide you can click any of the links below:


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[2022] Best Dental Schools in Canada

What are the best dental schools in Canada and how can we determine that? The dental school rankings below are derived from an analysis of the most reputable university ranking sources available. The exact methodology used to rank the top dental schools in Canada is detailed at the end of this post.

There are only 10 dental schools in Canada, as such, each one appears here in the top ten, listed below from lowest to highest ranked.


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Requirements for Dental Schools in Canada: Complete Guide

This is the most comprehensive and accurate information that can be found on the internet regarding the admission requirements for each of the 10 dental schools in Canada. Every year 25% of applications to dental schools are rejected because not all the requirements are met.

The admission requirements are similar between the different dental schools and are categorized here in the priority of what an applicant must submit to be considered:


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