Caribbean Medical Schools: A Full Breakdown

Caribbean medical schools have become a very popular option for both Canadian and American undergraduate students who may not meet the admission criteria for their Canadian and American counterparts. For students that have a lower GPA, MCAT, or fewer extracurricular experiences these universities are often viewed as easier schools to get into. Caribbean medical schools often have higher acceptance rates and have created many successful physicians.

While offering a potentially alternate route to gaining an MD, going to a Caribbean medical school has extreme risks. These schools have often been criticized for their for-profit model which has led to marketing strategies that take advantage of students’ aspirations while giving them improper information regarding their curriculum and residency opportunities. Oftentimes, students from these schools find it a lot harder, if not outright impossible, to match into Canadian and American residence programs of their choice.

Practicing medicine in Canada or the USA as a Caribbean medical school graduate is extremely hard but not impossible. Anyone considering this route should first understand all aspects of the application process, costs, and residency matching. This post breaks down all you need to know about Caribbean medical schools, including advice from current students and the dangers of going to a Caribbean school.


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