Queen’s Commerce vs Ivey HBA: Strengths and Weaknesses

The Queen’s Commerce and Western’s Ivey HBA programs are among the top undergraduate programs in Canada and the best business undergraduate programs in Canada. Both programs are incredibly selective,  with an acceptance rate of 7% for Queen’s Commerce and 8% for Western Ivey, and attract a very high calibre of students from across the globe. 

This article provides a completely unbiased view, from graduates of both programs, of the strengths and weaknesses of both the Ivey HBA and Queen’s Commerce programs to help aid your decision in determining which program is right for you. 

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Queen’s Commerce Acceptance Rate and Employment Report

How hard is it to get into Queen’s Commerce?

The Smith Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen’s University has often been ranked as one of the most selective undergraduate programs to get into and currently stands as the fourth hardest program to get into in Canada!

The Queen’s Commerce acceptance rate has been around 7% in the past few years. Their admission team looks for well-rounded candidates who are high academic achievers that usually maintain a 90%+ admission average and are also enthusiastic and bright individuals looking to make a change in their schools and communities.

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Hardest Undergraduate Programs to Get Into in Canada

Compared to many of the “elite” Ivy League Schools in the USA the acceptance rates for most undergraduate programs in Canada are relatively high. However, there are some programs that are highly competitive and can be extremely hard to get into. 

We’ve compiled data from some of the most reputable university ranking sources available to determine our list for the 8 hardest undergraduate programs to get into in Canada. This list will include undergraduate programs from many fields including engineering, business, and sciences.

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