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Biology Practice Test #3

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The development of an egg without fertilization is known as

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All of the following are examples of hydrolysis EXCEPT

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The Calypso Orchid, Calypso bulbosa, grows in close association with mycorrhizal fungi. The fungi penetrate the roots of the flower and take advantage of the plant's food resources. The fungi concentrate rare minerals, such as phosphates, in the roots and make them readily accessible to the orchid. This situation is an example of

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Certain populations of finches have long been isolated on the Galapagos Islands off the western coast of South America. Compared with the larger stock population of mainland finches, these separate populations exhibit far greater variation over a wider range of species. The variation among these numerous finch species is the result of

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Which of the following occurs before the other during reproduction

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The sliding action in the myofibril of skeletal muscle contraction requires which of the following?

I. Ca2+


III. Actin

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Which of the following describes a symbiotic relationship?

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The base composition of DNA varies from one species to another. Which of the following ratios would you expect to remain constant in the DNA?

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In minks, the gene for brown fur (B) is dominant over the gene for silver fur (b). Which set of genotypes represents a cross that could produce offspring with silver fur from parents that both have brown fur?

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All of the following are differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes EXCEPT

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A sustained decrease in circulating Ca2+ levels might be caused by decreased levels of which of the following substances?

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In cells, which of the following can catalyze reactions involving hydrogen peroxide, provide cellular energy, and make proteins, in that order?

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Which of the following is used in intercellular communication between plants

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Which of the following statements about trypsin is NOT true?

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Chemical substances released by organisms that elicit a physiological or behavioral response in other members of the same species are known as

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All of the following are stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system EXCEPT

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A change in a neuron membrane potential from +50 millivolts to -70 millivolts is considered

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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of asexual reproduction in animals?

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Which of the following contributes the MOST to genetic variability in a population?

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Which of the following are characteristics of both bacteria and fungi?

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Hemoglobin is a molecule that binds to both O2 and CO2. There is an allosteric relationship between the concentrations of O2 and CO2. Hemoglobin's affinity for O2

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The major difference between cartilage and bone is that cartilage

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Destruction of all beta cells in the pancreas will cause which of the following to occur?

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All of the following play an important role in regulating respiration in humans EXCEPT

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In general, animal cells differ from plant cells in that animal cells have

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Which of the following is the correct characteristic of arteries?

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Metafemale syndrome, a disorder in which a female has an extra X chromosome, is the result of nondisjunction. The failure in oogenesis that could produce this would occur in

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The liver is a vital organ that performs all of the following functions EXCEPT

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In humans, fertilization normally occurs in the

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All of the following statements are true EXCEPT

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The primary site of glucose reabsorption is the

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Crossing-over occurs during which of the following phases in meiosis?

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A student is is conducting an experiment regarding transcription and notices that the mRNA found in the cytoplasm is much smaller than the original mRNA synthesized in the nucleus. This is due to the

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If a photosynthesizing plant began to release 18O2 instead of normal oxygen, one could most reasonably conclude that the plant had been supplied with

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Which of the following about meiosis is NOT true?

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In DNA replication, which of the following does NOT occur?

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The energy given up by electrons as they move through the electron transport chain is used to

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All viruses contain at least these two principal components. They are

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A chemical agent is found to denature all enzymes in the synaptic cleft. What effect will this agent have on acetylcholine?

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Hawkmoths are insects that are similar in appearance and behavior to hummingbirds. Which of the following is LEAST valid?

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