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Chemistry Practice Test #5

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Which of the following elements would contain the valence electron configuration 4s24p5?

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An element in its ground state

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Which of the following indicates that a reaction is spontaneous?

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A 1 mol sample of ammonia gas (NH3) at 1 atm and 273 K is compressed to 2 atm. What is the difference in volume before and after compression?

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The enthalpy of a system of gas is dependent on which of the following?

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A large positive value for the standard Gibbs free energy change (ΔG°) for a reaction means

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Of the following pairs of elements, which pair has the second element with the larger electronegativity based on its position in the periodic table?

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f an unknown compound is found to have an empirical formula of CH4, which of the following is the molecular formula if the molar mass was determined to be 128 g/mol?

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What is an alpha particle?

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Which of the following is expected to have two or more resonance structures?

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The molecule with a tetrahedral shape is

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Which of the following pair of liquids is expected to be immiscible?

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Which of the following molecules is a strong electrolyte when dissolved in water?

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Which of the following lists the electromagnetic spectral regions in order of decreasing wavelength?

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The Arrhenius equation may be used to determine

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A metal is reacted with HCl to produce hydrogen gas. If 0.0623 gram of metal produces 28.3 mL of hydrogen at STP, the mass of the metal that reacts with one mole of hydrochloric acid is

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What is the final oxidation number of carbon in the following chemical reaction?

6CO2 + 6H2O -> C6H12O6 + 6O2

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When a solid melts, the entropy change and enthalpy changes expected are

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What is the mass of one molecule of cholesterol (C27H46O, molecular mass = 386)?

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The net ionic equation expected when solutions of NH4Br and AgNO3 are mixed together is

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Which of the following is the charge of iron in the compound, Fe(SO4)2?

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Which of the following is a radioactive element?

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Less than 1/1000 of the mass of any atom is contributed by

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When using the ideal gas law, standard conditions for temperature and pressure are

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Which of the following is expected to have the highest electronegativity?

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45.1 grams of a solute is added to 302 grams of water to make a 0.65M solution, what is the molar mass of a solute?

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In determining the order for reactant A in a certain reaction, the concentrations of all other reactants are held constant while the concentration of A is tripled from one experiment to another. The reaction rate is found to triple. The appropriate exponent for A in the rate law is

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Which following pair of substances can be used to make a buffer solution?

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For a mixture of gases in a container, the total pressure is equal to __________ because of what law?

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The hardest substance known is diamond. Which best describes the structure of diamond?

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