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Chemistry Practice Test #7

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What piece of apparatus can be used to introduce more liquid into a reaction and also serve as a pressure valve?

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Which atom is not paired with its correction and ionic charge?

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The normal configuration for ethyne (acetylene) is

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An ester can be prepared by the reaction of

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Which of the following is not a conclusion Rutherford made from his experiment with alpha particles being shot at a thin sheet of gold foil?

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Which gas under a high temperature and a low pressure behaves most like an ideal gas?

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Is the third most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere

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Which substance has a polar covalent bond between its atoms?

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An oxidation-reduction reaction takes place in a chemical cell, and the flow of electrons is used to provide energy for a lightbulb. Which of the following statements is true of the reaction?

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Identify the equation used to determine the amount of heat required to melt 10 grams of ice.

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Which of the following statements is NOT correct regarding chemical catalysts?

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Which of the following gases is expected to have the lowest density at STP?

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Which of the following statements is true?

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A mixture of gases exists in a sealed container with the following percentages: helium 40%, neon 50%, and argon 10%.If the total pressure of the gases is 1100 torr, then which of the following is true about these gases?

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Which solution listed below is going to have the highest boiling point?

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Laboratory results showed the composition of a compound to be 58.81% barium, 13.73% sulfur, and 27.46% oxygen. What is the empirical formula of the compound?

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Making reference to electronegativity values, which substance is most easily reduced?

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Compounds that have the same composition but differ in their structural formulas

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For the radioactive atom 99Tc, what is the correct number of protons and neutrons?

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A molecule in which the electron configuration is a resonance hybrid is

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At a particular temperature and pressure, three states of a substance may coexist.

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What volume of 0.4 M Ba(OH)2 (aq) is needed to exactly neutralize 100 milliliters of 0.2 M HBr(aq)?

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Members possess the lowest first ionization energy in their respective period

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A liquid will boil when

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If the sharing of an electron pair is unequal and the atoms have an electronegativity difference of 1.4 to 1.6, what is this type of sharing called?

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The expression that can be used to designate 2 moles of atoms

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Proposes a relationship between the combining volumes of gases with respect to the reactants and gaseous products

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This is the minimum energy needed for molecules to react and form compounds.

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What is the number of protons and neutrons in an atom with mass number 89 and atomic number 39?

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A student conducted an experiment and obtained three values during three repetitive trials: 1.65, 1.68, 1.71. Later, the student discovered that the true value was 2.37. In contrast to the real value, the experimental results should be characterized as

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