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Chemistry Practice Test #9

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Based on the solubility products given below, which of the following salts is the most soluble?

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Will be colored blue

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Which kinds of bonding can be found in a sample of H2O(l)?

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Element X forms the compounds XCl3 and X2O3. Element X would most likely belong to the group called

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Which compound contains no ionic character?

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What is the approximate percentage composition by mass of the element oxygen in the compound HClO4?

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A book is lifted off of the floor and placed on a table that is one meter above the floor. The book has

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If 49 grams of H2SO4 react with 80.0 grams of NaOH, how much reactant will be left over after the reaction is complete?

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Has mass and a definite size and shape

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The element that first shows some visible metallic properties at room temperature

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The property of matter that is independent of its surrounding conditions and position is

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Defined as a measure of the mass times the gravitational force

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When most fuels burn, the products include carbon dioxide and

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May be used in combination with a calorimeter to compare the specific heats of two substances

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In which of the following liquids are the Van der Waals forces of attraction between the molecules weakest?

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Consist of atoms that have valence electrons in a d subshell

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A saturated solution of BaSO4 at 25 degrees C contains 3.9e 10-5 mole/liter of Ba2+ ions. What is the Ksp of this salt?

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Which equation is correctly balanced?

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The ratio of the rate of movement of hydrogen gas compared with the rate of oxygen gas is 4 : 1.

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Holds a sample of barium iodide, BaI2, together

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The expression that can be used to designate 6 moles of atoms

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When 190 grams of MgCl2 are dissolved in water and the resulting solution is 500 milliliters in volume, what is the molar concentration of MgCl2 in the solution?

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If the molar concentration of Ag+ ions in 1 liter of a saturated water solution of silver chloride is 1.38e 10-5 mole/liter, what is the Ksp of this solution?

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The joining of many hydrogen nuclei in the nuclear reaction that occurs in stars is called a

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The forces of attraction that exist between nonpolar molecules are called

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Deoxyribose in DNA nucleotides belongs to this family of biologically important molecules

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The expression that can be used to designate a maximum of 3 moles of ions

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Each of the following systems is at equilibrium in a closed container. A decrease in the total volume of each container will increase the number of moles of product(s) for which system?

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Five hundred milliliters of solution of 0.1 M NaBr has how many milligrams of bromine?

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A product formed from a base reacting with H2SO4

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