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Physics Practice Test #10

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A charged particle moving through a magnetic field will experience the largest force when

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When can the instantaneous velocity of an object be equal to the average velocity of an object?

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A superconductor is

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A particle of charge -0.04 C is projected with speed 2e4 m/s into a uniform magnetic field, B, of strength 0.5 T. If the particle's velocity as it enters the field is perpendicular to B, what is the magnitude of the magnetic force on this particle?

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Compared to the parent nucleus, the daughter of a alpha decay has

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A force of 200 N is required to keep an object sliding at a constant speed of 2 m/s across a rough floor. How much power is being expended to maintain this motion?

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What is the wavelength of a 5 Hz wave that travels with a speed of 10 m/s ?

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Which of the following best describes a perfectly inelastic collision free of external forces?

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A bicyclist travels at a constant 25 km/hr for 30 minutes. He coasts for 15 minutes at a constant 20 km/hr and then pedals at a constant 40 km/hr for another 15 minutes. What was the average speed of the cyclist for the past hour?

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When a gas undergoes an adiabatic compression its

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As a battery ages, its internal resistance increases. This causes the current in the external circuit to

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A parallel-plate capacitor is charged to a potential difference of ∆V; this results in a charge of +Q on one plate and a charge of -Q on the other. The capacitor is disconnected from the charging source, and a dielectric is then inserted. What happens to the potential difference and the stored electrical potential energy?

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The three natural radiations, in order from most penetrating to least penetrating, are

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Which quantity can be expressed in the same units as impulse?

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A linear spring of force constant k is used in a physics lab experiment. A block of mass m is attached to the spring and the resulting frequency, f, of the simple harmonic oscillations is measured. Blocks of various masses are used in different trials, and in each case, the corresponding frequency is measured and recorded. If f2 is plotted versus 1/m, the graph will be a straight line with slope

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A positively charged rod is brought near an uncharged pith ball that is being touched by a copper wire. Both the rod and the copper wire are simultaneously removed, and the pith ball is tested to find if any electrostatic charge is present. What is the result?

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A sphere of charge +Q is fixed in position. A smaller sphere of charge +q is placed near the larger sphere and released from rest. The small sphere will move away from the large sphere with

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A train engine that weighs 5000N stops at the exact center of a bridge. The bridge weighs 75,000N and has two equally spaced pillars that completely support the bridge. The force exerted on the ground by a single pillar

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An object that is placed on the edge of a constant speed turntable has

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Two point charges are separated by a small distance. When the distance between the two particles is halved, which of the following descriptions is true?

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A constant voltage power source is in a circuit where the resistance is increased by four. The voltage in the circuit

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A train engine that weighs 5000N stops at the exact center of a bridge. The bridge weighs 75,000N and has two equally spaced pillars that completely support the bridge. The upward force exerted by each pillar

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An object of mass 2 kg has a linear momentum of magnitude 6 kg * m/s. What is this object's kinetic energy?

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Which type of decay ejects the heaviest particle?

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A proton and an electron are each placed in an electric field between a pair of parallel plates. The electron is placed exactly halfway between the two plates, and the proton is placed midway between the electron and the negative plate. Which of the following statements is correct about the forces the particles experience?

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Two resistors, A and B, are in series in a circuit that carries a nonzero current. If the resistance of Resistor A is 4 times greater than the resistance of Resistor B, which of the following correctly compares the currents through these resistors (IA and IB, respectively) and the voltage drops across them (VA and VB, respectively)?

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The choices below give a description of the quantities listed above. Match the statement below with the quantity it describes above. The distance between two points or two consecutive waves.

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A lightweight toy car crashes head-on into a heavier toy truck. Which of the following statements is true as a result of the collision? I. The car will experience a greater impulse than the truck. II. The car will experience a greater change in momentum than the truck. III. The magnitude of the acceleration experienced by the car will be greater than that experienced by the truck.

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Tungsten-176 has a half-life of 2.5 hours. After how many hours will the disintegration rate of a tungsten-176 sample drop to its initial value?

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The choices below give a description of the quantities listed above. Match the statement below with the quantity it describes above. The number of wave crests passing a given point per unit of time.

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Two objects have the same mass and are located near each other at a distance (r). If the mass of one of the objects is doubled and the mass of the other object is tripled, what would be the change in gravitational attraction between them?

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A person standing on a horizontal floor feels two forces: the downward pull of gravity and the upward supporting force from the floor. These two forces

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Two vectors X and Y are added together. Which of the following statements could be true? I. The resultant magnitude is smaller than X. II. The resultant magnitude is larger than Y. III. The resultant direction is the same as either X or Y.

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A charge of mass m and charge q is moving in a circle of radius r and speed v due to a uniform magnetic field B. If the speed is doubled to 2v, what happens to the period, T ?

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The potential at point A in an electric field is 10V higher than at point B. If a negative charge, q = -2 C, is moved from point A to point B, then the potential energy of this charge will

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The International Space Station is currently under construction. Eventually, simulated earth gravity may become a reality on the space station. What would the gravitational field through the central axis be like under these conditions?

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A person standing 1.5 m in front of a plane flat mirror would see their image at a distance of

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Which principle could be used to help calculate the amount of radiation emitted by a star?

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A tugboat pulls on an 84,000N barge with a cable having a breaking strength of 15,000N. The maximum acceleration the tugboat can apply to the barge without the cable breaking is

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A stone is thrown horizontally with an initial speed of 30 m/s from a bridge. Find the stone's total speed when it enters the water 4 seconds later. (Ignore air resistance.)

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