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Physics Practice Test #7

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Two charged spheres are separated by 2 mm. Which of the following would yield the greatest attractive force?

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Two spheres are placed into free fall from rest. Sphere B has a mass three times larger than sphere A. Which statement(s) correctly explains the situation? I. Sphere B falls faster. II. Sphere B has more momentum when the two reach the ground. III. Both spheres reach the ground with the same kinetic energy.

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An object of mass 0.5 kg, moving in a circular path of radius 0.25 m, experiences a centripetal acceleration of constant magnitude 9 m/s2. What is the object's angular speed?

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While standing in front of a plane flat mirror and looking at yourself, you raise your right hand. Which is the best description of the image you see?

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Lead-199 has a half-life of 1.5 hours. If a researcher begins with 2 grams of lead-199, how much will remain after 6 hours?

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What is the wavelength of a wave with period 2 s and speed 2 cm/s ?

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Some opera singers are able to use their voice to shatter a crystal glass. They can do this because of

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The first law of thermodynamics is a restatement of

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A large object is placed at exactly 55% of the distance to the moon from the earth. Eventually the object will

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A block of mass 3 kg slides down a frictionless inclined plane of length 6 m and height 4 m. If the block is released from rest at the top of the incline, what is its speed at the bottom?

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A rider on a subway train hears the engineer blow the train whistle. A moment later she hears an answering whistle from an approaching train. Why does the whistle she hears from the approaching train change pitch?

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Golden Glove boxers, who are amateurs, use larger, more padded gloves than professional boxers use. The amateur boxers are more protected from injury because

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A species of hummingbird beats its wings 3,300 times per minute. What frequency of sound will a nearby person hear when the hummingbird flies by?

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A photon of light from which of the following electromagnetic radiations carries the greater amount of energy?

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During a laboratory experiment, a 19.6N pile driver is dropped 2 m on to the head of a nail, which is driven 2.45 cm into a wood board. The frictional force exerted by the wood on the nail is

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A mass is suspended by a rubber band. The rubber band is stretched by the weight of the mass, but it is not moving. The action force that causes the rubber band to stretch comes from the earth. What is the reaction force of the force pair?

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The reason an observer cannot detect the wave nature of a fast moving truck is

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Two 1 liter containers contain 1 mole each of the same gas at the same temperature. Container A is allowed to expand until the temperature of gas A is reduced by half. Container B is compressed until the temperature of gas B doubles. Both gases are then mixed together in a 2 liter container. Which of the following statements about the gases is correct?

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A team of skydivers jumps from a plane and holds hands to form a flower-like design. As the skydivers begin their free fall, their velocity increases and their

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Redshift of distant galaxies is evidence for which of the following?

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The choices below give a description of the quantities listed above. Match the statement below with the quantity it describes above. The product of the frequency and the wavelength.

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Two crates are stacked on top of each other on a horizontal floor; crate #1 is on the bottom, and crate #2 is on the top. Both crates have the same mass. Compared with the strength of the force F1 necessary to push only crate #1 at a constant speed across the floor, the strength of the force F2 necessary to push the stack at the same constant speed across the floor is greater than F1 because

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Which of the following best describes the magnetic field lines created by a long, straight, current-carrying wire?

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A mover, exerting a steady force of 200 N, pushes a box of mass 50 kg across a flat wooden floor. If the velocity of the box does not change while he pushes, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the floor?

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What information is learned from looking at the curve of an acceleration time graph?

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A crate of mass 100 kg is at rest on a horizontal floor. The coefficient of static friction between the crate and the floor is 0.4, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.3. A force F of magnitude 344 N is then applied to the crate, parallel to the floor. Which of the following is true?

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One mole of helium gas and one mole of neon gas are both at STP. Which of the following statements about the gases is correct?

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What would happen to the electrostatic force between a pair of charged particles if both charges were doubled and the distance between them were also doubled?

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The electron-volt (eV) is a unit of

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A pendulum swings at a rate of .75 vibration/ sec. Which of the following changes could be made to the pendulum to cause the period of the pendulum to increase?

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A bat emits a 40 kHz chirp  with a wavelength of 8.75 mm toward a tree and receives an echo 0.4 s later. How far is the bat from the tree?

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A pair of a particles (helium nuclei) approach one another head on. Compared to the force they exert on one another at a distance of .066 m, by how much will the force the two particles exert on one another at .033 mm increase?

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A step down transformer changes the high input voltage used in our houses (120V) into the low voltage used to charge an electric razor (24V). What must be the ratio of the turns of wire from the primary side of the transformer to the secondary side?

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A container holds 1 mole of an ideal gas. If the temperature of the gas is held constant and the volume of the gas is halved, the pressure of the gas will double. This happens because

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A stuntman drives a brand new 800kg sports car off a high cliff at 200 km/hour. At the exact moment that the car is driven off the cliff, an 800kg rock is dislodged and falls straight down toward the ground. Which of the following is a correct statement about the event?

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A dog walks 120 m due east before turning and running 45 m west. He then turns and trots 40 m due north. After completing his journey, he is 85 m northeast of his home. When he hears his master call him, he runs directly home. Which part of the trip is an equilibrant?

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Geosynchronous satellites remain over the same spot on the earth's surface because they

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In an experiment designed to study the photoelectric effect, it is observed that low-intensity visible light of wavelength 550 nm produced no photoelectrons. Which of the following best describes what would occur if the intensity of this light were increased dramatically?

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When a gas undergoes an adiabatic expansion, its

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On a cold winter day (5 degrees celsius), the foundation block for a statue is filled with 2.0 m3 of concrete. By how much will the concrete's volume increase on a very warm summer day (35 degrees celsius) if its coefficient of volume expansion is 4.0e-5/ degrees celsius ?

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