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Physics Practice Test #9

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Of the following, which is the best description of the second law of thermodynamics?

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Find the total capacitance for three capacitors in parallel with each other. The value of the capacitors is 10f, 15f and 35 f.

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Two batteries are hooked together in an 21. A hydrogen electron gains enough energy electric circuit. Which of the following to rise from the n=1 to the n=5 energy statements is/are true? level. How much energy does it gain? I. Maximum voltage is obtained when the batteries are wired in parallel. II. Maximum voltage is obtained when the batteries are wired in series. III. Maximum current capacity is obtained when the batteries are wired in parallel.

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The velocity of a particle of charge +4.0e-9 C and mass 2e-4 kg is perpendicular to a 0.1-tesla magnetic field. If the particle's speed is 3e4 m/s, what is the acceleration of this particle due to the magnetic force?

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An object moves at constant speed in a circular path. True statements about the motion include which of the following? I. The velocity is constant. II. The acceleration is constant. III. The net force on the object is zero since its speed is constant.

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A dog walks 120 m due east before turning and running 45 m west. He then turns and trots 40 m due north. After completing his journey, he is 85 m northeast of his home. When he hears his master call him, he runs directly home. Which part of the trip is the longest vector?

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Two disks of equal mass but different diameter are connected with an axle system that allows them to roll down an incline together. Both disks start and finish at the same time.Which of the following statements best describes the disks?

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When does an artificial earth satellite that is in an elliptical orbit experience its greatest centripetal acceleration?

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Two similar pith balls are very near to one another, and each is charged with 2 excess electrons. The angle q between q1 and q2 is 5.5 degrees. One electron is removed from q1 and placed on q2 so that q1 has 1 electron and q2 has 3 electrons. The angle between the pith balls changes to 4 degrees. Which of the following statements is correct? I.The amount of electrostatic charge has decreased. II.The electrostatic force between the pith balls has decreased. III.Both the electrostatic charge and force have decreased.

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A 30 kg child is standing in the back of a stationary 10 kg wagon that is free to move.The child jumps from the wagon into his mother's arms. Which of the following statements is correct at the moment he jumps from the wagon?

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A transverse wave on a long horizontal rope with a wavelength of 8 m travels at 2 m/s. At t = 0, a particular point on the rope has a vertical displacement of +A, where A is the amplitude of the wave. At what time will the vertical displacement of this same point on the rope be -A ?

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A charge of -3Q is transferred to a solid metal sphere of radius r. Where will this excess charge reside?

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An object is executing uniform circular motion. Which of the following quantities remain(s) constant during the object's motion?

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A frictionless inclined plane of length 20 m has a maximum vertical height of 5 m. If an object of mass 2 kg is placed on the plane, which of the following best approximates the net force it feels?

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A box of mass m slides down a frictionless inclined plane of length L and vertical height h. What is the change in its gravitational potential energy?

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How much energy is dissipated as heat in 20 s by a 100 ohm resistor that carries a current of 0.5 A ?

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A 5 kg ball is swinging at the end of a 2 m string that has a tension of 6.25 N in it. Find the speed of the ball as it travels its circular path.

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A block of aluminum and a block of iron each absorb the same amount of heat, and both blocks remain solid. The mass of the aluminum block is twice the mass of the iron block. If the specific heat of aluminum is twice the specific heat of iron, then

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The acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 1/6 of its value on Earth. If an object weighs 20 N on the moon, what is its mass on Earth?

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Two moving electrons enter a strong magnetic field at right angles to the field. The velocity of one of the electrons is four times greater then the velocity of the other electron. Which of the following best describes the ration of the circular radii the two electrons follow?

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Four resistors are hooked together in parallel. The resistors have values of 20, 40, 60, and 80 respectively. What is the total resistance of the resistors?

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Water drips from a leaky rainspout that is located at the top of a high building. The droplets of water fall at an interval of 1/2 second. As time passes, the distance between two consecutive drops of water

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A baseball is thrown straight upward. What is the ball's acceleration at its highest point?

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A pair of point charges, which have charges of -3 micro coulombs and -4 micro coulombs, is separated by 2 cm. What is the value of the force between them?

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The impossibility of making simultaneous, arbitrarily precise measurements of the momentum and the position of an electron is accounted for in

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A motorcycle racer starts from rest and accelerates on a straight track at 5 m/s2. How far does the racer travel in 8 seconds?

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What principle is the basis for the transmission of light through glass (fiber optic) cables, allowing the signal to be sent even if the cable is bent?

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A wooden crate is pushed across a concrete floor at 5 m/s and released. It slides to a stop after moving a short distance. The same crate is filled until it weighs twice as much as it did ly and again slid across the floor at 5 m/s and released. The stopping distance for the crate will be

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The discrete spectral lines of line spectra occur when excitation of electrons takes place in

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At what point between a pair of charged parallel plates will the electric field be strongest?

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For question above, what is the magnitude of the acceleration of the pile driver while it drives the nail into the board?

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The length of time a satellite takes to orbit the earth depends on its

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An object at rest is placed into free fall at a height of20 m. What is the velocity of the object when the potential energy equals the kinetic energy?

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A 75 g ice cube is added to 450 g of boiling water. The water stops boiling immediately because: I. Heat is melting the ice. II. Condensation is occurring. III. Phase change occurs.

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Sound waves cannot travel in

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A batter hits a long fly ball. Neglecting friction, which of the following statements is/are true? I. The time the ball is in free fall determines the horizontal distance it travels. II. The ball reaches its maximum velocity at the highest point of its flight. III. The upward velocity can never be greater than the horizontal velocity.

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A clothesline is strung between two posts, and wet clothing weighing 200 N is hung on the line, which sags under the weight of the clothes. If one end of the line is pulled to straighten the line, which of the following would be true? I. The tension in the rope undergoes a large increase. II. The tension in the rope undergoes a large decrease. III. The weight in the rope undergoes a large increase.

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If an object's speed is changing, which of the quantities could remain constant?

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The frequency of a wave is 4 cycles per second, and its speed is .08 meters per second. What is the period of one of the waves?

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Two gases are insulated from their surroundings but are in contact with each other so heat can flow between them. One gas is hot at t = 0 and the other gas is cold at t = 0. After time passes and the gases equilibrate, which of the following will have happened?

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