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Quantitative Reasoning Practice Test #1

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Which of the following inequalities is equivalent to -2(x + 5) <-4?

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The area of square ABCD is three-fourths the area of parallelogramEFGH. the area of parallelogram EFGH is one-third the area of trapezoid IJKL. If square ABCD has an area of 125square feet, what is the area of trapezoid IJKL, in square feet?

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What is the distance between the points with coordinates (-3,4,1) and (2,7,-4)?

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A cylinder whose base radius is 3 is inscribed in a sphere of radius 5. What is the difference between the volume of the sphere and the volume of the cylinder?

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Find the number of radians in cot-1(-5.2418).

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How many 3-person committees can be selected from a fraternity with 25 members?

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If five coins are flipped and all the different ways they could fall are listed, how many elements of this list will contain more than three heads?

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Given the set of data 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, x, y, where x and y represent two different integers. If the mode is 2, which of the following statements must be true?

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The average of your first three test grades is 78. What grade must you get on your fourth and final test to make your average 80?

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If 2 tons of snow fall in 1 minute, how many tons of snow fall in 3 hours?

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Log7 5 =

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If a cube and a sphere intersect at exactly eight points, then which of the following must be true?

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A basketball team has 5 centers, 9 guards, and 13 forwards. Of these, 1 center, 2 guards, and 2 forwards start a game. How many possible starting teams can a coach put on the floor?

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A taxicab company wanted to determine the fuel cost of its fleet. A sample of 30 vehicles was selected, and the fuel cost for the last month was tabulated for each vehicle. Later it was discovered that the highest amount was mistakenly recorded with an extra zero, so it was 10 times the actual amount. When the correction was made, this was still the highest amount. Which of the following must have remained the same after the correction was made?

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Rob rented a minivan at A's Auto for $60.00 per day with tax included, plus $0.25per mile. If he rented it for 3 days and was charged $206.00, how many miles did he drive the minivan?

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The formula A = Pe0.04t gives the amount A that a savings account will be worth if an initial investment P is compounded continuously at an annual rate of 4 percent for t years. Under these conditions, how many years will it take an initial investment of $10,000 to be worth approximately $25,000?

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If r - s > r + s, then which of the following must be true?

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When 4x2 + 6x + L is divided by x + 1, the remainder is 2. Which of the following is the value of L ?

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If x= 6 when y = 5 and x varies directly as y, what is the value of x when y = 2?

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Six congruent circles are arranged so that each circle is externally tangent to at least two other circles. The centers of these six circles are then connected to form a polygon. If each circle has a radius of 2, then what is the perimeter of this polygon?

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Points A, B, C, and D are arranged on a line in that order. If AC = 13, BD = 14, and AD = 21, then BC =

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Sally is interested in buying a car. If she has a choice of 3 colors (red, green,or blue), 2 body types (two or four doors), and 3 engine types (four,six, or eight cylinders), how many dIf ferent models can she choose from?

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If each side of an equilateral triangle is 8, what is the approximate measure of the altitude?

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What is the radius of a sphere, with center at the origin, that passes through point (2,3,4)?

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Which of the following functions transforms y = f(x) by moving it 5 units to the right?

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If ln (xy) < 0, which of the following must be true?

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The mean ofa set of 5 numbers is 90. If one of the numbers is removed, the mean of the remaining numbers is 92. What number was removed?

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A man piles 150 toothpicks in layers so that each layer has one less toothpick than the layer below. If the top layer has three toothpicks, how many layers are there?

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In a cube with edge length 2, the distance from the center of one face to a vertex of the opposite face is

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If z = logx (yx), then xz =

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After 8:00 p.m., a ride in a taxi costs $2.50 plus $0.30 for every fifth of a mile traveled. If a passenger travels b miles, then what is the cost of the trip, in dollars, in terms of b ?

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If sin x = -0.6427, what is csc x?

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A rectangular room has walls facing due north, south, east, and west. On the southern wall, a tack is located 85 inches from the floor and 38 inches from the western wall, and a nail is located 48 inches from the floor and 54 inches from the western wall. What is the distance in inches between the tack and the nail?

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If tan x = 3, the numerical value of is

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If a certain car can travel 240 miles on 12 gallons of gasoline, the n at the same rate, how many gallons of gasoline are needed to travel 300miles?

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The pendulum on a clock swings through an angle of 1 radian, and the tip sweeps out an arc of 12 inches. How long is the pendulum?

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If f(x) = x2 - 6x + 11, then what is the minimum value of f(x) ?

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If m varies directly as n and = 5, then what is the value of m when n = 2.2 ?

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Last week, police ticketed 13 men traveling 18 miles per hour over the speed limit and 8 women traveling 14 miles per hour over the speed limit. What was the mean speed over the limit of all 21 drivers?

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Rob and Sherry together weigh 300 pounds. Sherry and Heather together weigh 240 pounds. If all three people together weigh 410 pounds, then what is Sherry's weight in pounds?

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