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Physics Practice Test #4

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As a bat flies at a constant speed of 0.04 V toward a large tree trunk (where V denotes the speed of sound), the bat emits an ultrasonic pulse. The pulse is reflected off the tree and returns to the bat, which can detect and analyze the returning signal. If the returning signal has a frequency of 61 kHz, at approximately what frequency did the bat emit the original ultrasonic pulse?

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Rutherford's results in his famous gold foil experiment proved that atoms

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An object is placed 100 cm from a plane mirror. How far is the image from the object?

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A nonconducting sphere is given a nonzero net electric charge, +Q, and then brought close to a neutral conducting sphere of the same radius. Which of the following will be true?

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If 360 g of water at 95 degrees celsius is mixed with 275 g of water at 10 degrees celsius, what is the resulting temperature of the water?

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Consider a double-slit interference experiment using yellow light of wavelength λ, with the slits labeled S1 and S2. If P is the center of a dark fringe on the screen on which the resulting diffraction pattern is projected, which of the following equations relating S1P and S2P, the distances from slits S1 and S2, respectively, to the point P could be true?

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A student measures the maximum speed of a block undergoing simple harmonic oscillations of amplitude A on the end of an ideal spring. If the block is replaced by one with twice the mass but the amplitude of its oscillations remains the same, then the maximum speed of the block will

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A light ray is moving parallel to the principal axis of a concave mirror, which it strikes. How will the light ray be reflected?

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Which of the following occurs when light passes into a clear glass cube?

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A moon of mass m orbits a planet of mass 100m. Let the strength of the gravitational force exerted by the planet on the moon be denoted by F1, and let the strength of the gravitational force exerted by the moon on the planet be F2. Which of the following is true?

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A battery whose emf is 40 V has an internal resistance of 5 ohm. If this battery is connected to a 15 ohm resistor R, what will be the voltage drop across R ?

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The normal force between two surfaces is increased by four times. The coefficient of static friction will

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A radioactive substance is observed to have a count rate of 500 counts/sec. Two hours later the count rate is 62.5 counts/sec. What is the half life of the substance?

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The distribution of the charge density on the surface of a conducting solid depends upon

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The coefficient of static friction between a box and a ramp is 0.5. The ramp's incline angle is 30 degrees. If the box is placed at rest on the ramp, the box will

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A golf ball is placed inside an unmounted tire, which is then rolled down a long hill. Identify the statement(s) that best describe the situation while the tire and golf ball are rolling down the hill. I. The centripetal force on the tire operates in the same direction as the centripetal force on the golf ball. II. The centripetal force acting on the tire is opposite the centripetal force acting on the golf ball. III. The centripetal force acting on the golf ball is equal to the centripetal force on the tire.

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How long would it take a car, starting from rest and accelerating uniformly in a straight line at 5 m/s2, to cover a distance of 200 m ?

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Two objects move toward each other, collide, and separate. If there was no net external force acting on the objects, but some kinetic energy was lost, then

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An object at rest is placed into free fall at a height of 20 m. What is the velocity of the object when the PE equals the KE?

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When a woman pushes on her grocery cart, the woman moves because of

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A sound wave travels through a metal rod with wavelength λ and frequency f. Which of the following best describes the wave when it passes into the surrounding air? Wavelength Frequency

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Of the following types of waves, which type travels at the greatest speed through vacuum?

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The velocity of a moving object is doubled. Which of the following statements about the object is correct?

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The half-life of a radioisotope is one week. How much of the substance is left after a 28-day period?

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A beam of light traveling in medium 1 strikes the interface to another transparent medium, medium 2. If the speed of light is less in medium 2 than in medium 1, the beam will

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A simple pendulum of length L and mass m aswings about the vertical equilibrium position (θ = 0) with a maximum angular displacement of θmax. What is the tension in the connecting rod when the pendulum's angular displacement is θ = θmax ?

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If a particle of charge -0.2 mC were placed at a certain location within an electric field, the magnitude of the electric force it would feel is 1 N. What is the magnitude of the electric field at this location? (1 mC = 10-3 C)

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A 24 V battery supplies a total current of .75 amperes to a circuit. How much power does the battery supply to the circuit?

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An electron that accelerates from a point near a collection of negative source charges toward a point near a collection of positive source charges experiences

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A car skids a distance of 54 m on a dry road. What was the velocity of the car when the skid began if the coefficient of friction between the tires and the road is .46?

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The ends of a long, taut tightrope are attached to two platforms. A tightrope artist walks along the tightrope and, upon reaching the middle, stops. Someone standing on one of the platforms grabs the rope near one end and sends a transverse wave pulse down the rope. When the pulse reaches the tightrope walker, he briefly rises upward, and the wave passes. This illustrates the fact that the wave transports

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Two large glass containers of equal volume each hold 1 mole of gas. Container 1 is filled with hydrogen gas (2 g/mol), and Container 2 holds helium (4 g/mol). If the pressure of the gas in Container 1 equals the pressure of the gas in Container 2, which of the following is true?

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A sky diver jumps from an airplane. After free falling for a while, she opens her parachute and her descent speed begins to decrease. While her descent speed decreases, let F denote the magnitude of the gravitational force on the sky diver and let D denote the magnitude of the upward force of air resistance (drag). Which of the following is then true?

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An atom with one electron has an ionization energy of 25 eV. How much energy will be released when the electron makes the transition from an excited energy level, where E = -16 eV, to the ground state?

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Two concurrent forces act at right angles to one another.The resultant force is 65N and one of the component forces is 35N. What is the force of the other component?

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Which type of decay would cause the number of neutrons in the nucleus to decrease by 1 ?

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Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion is called the action-reaction law. Which of the following statements appropriately describes the action-reaction forces?

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During a lacrosse game, an attacking player shoots a low hard shot into the goal. The ball leaves the lacrosse stick and travels into the net very quickly. What happens as the ball flies toward the goal?

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A pile driver is raised to a height of 25 m in 10 seconds. It is released and allowed to fall onto a piling. Although guided by a set of rails, the pile driver essentially is in free fall after its release. Which of the following is/ are correct? I. The power input equals the power output. II. The PE in equals the KE out. III. The KE in equals the work out.

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Under the influence of a force, an object of mass 4 kg accelerates from 3 m/s to 6 m/s in 8 s. How much work was done on the object during this time?

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