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Physics Practice Test #6

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Two charged objects are moved 50% closer to one another. Which statement about the electric force between the objects is true?

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A force of 53N is applied to a 176.4N object that is at rest. A frictional force of 8N must be overcome to move the object. What is the acceleration of the object?

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Which of the following best approximates the energy of a photon whose wavelength is 2.0 nm? (Planck's constant, h, has a value of 6.6e-34 J * s.)

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Which of the following best describes the electric field about a positive point charge?

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A student is performing a lab experiment on simple harmonic motion. She has two different springs (with force constants k1 and k2) and two different blocks (of masses m1 and m2). If k1 = 2k2 and m1 = 2m2, which of the following combinations would give the student the spring-block simple harmonic oscillator with the shortest period?

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A 750N person stands on a scale while holding a briefcase inside a freely falling elevator. Which of the following is true?

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An object of mass m is traveling at constant speed v in a circular path of radius r. How much work is done by the centripetal force during one half of a revolution?

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A pendulum has a 1 second period of vibration. At what period in time would the string have to break for the pendulum bob to fly away the maximum possible distance from, but not below, the rest position of the pendulum bob? (The zero point for the pendulum at t = 0 is at the maximum displacement)

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Any object that is accelerated to near the speed of light experiences which of the following?

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A professional golfer drives a golf ball 230 meters down the fairway. When the club head strikes the golf ball

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A girl standing on a high bridge over a creek throws a rock straight down at leaves floating in the creek. Just as she throws the rock she accidentally drops another rock. Neglecting air resistance, which statement best describes the situation just as the rocks reach the water?

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Astronomers can tell whether a star is approaching or receding from the earth by the

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A 750 g peregrine falcon dives straight down towards a 400 g pigeon, which is flying level to the ground. Just before the falcon makes impact its velocity is 35 m/s. The velocity of the falcon and the pigeon in its talons immediately after impact is most nearly

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An empty soda can with a few ml of water inside is heated to steaming and quickly inverted into an ice water bath. The can is instantly crushed because

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While anchored at sea, a captain notices the wave peaks are separated by 16 m and occur at a rate of 1 wave every 2 seconds. What is the velocity of these waves?

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During a company picnic, 6 accounting department workers participate in a tug of war with 6 sales force personnel. Each team pulls on the rope with 1200N of force. What is the tension in the rope?

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A solid copper sphere has a charge of .2C placed on it. Which of the following statements best describes the charge distribution for the sphere?

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Which phenomenon is NOT experienced by sound waves?

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A gamma ray is emitted from the nucleus of an unstable atom. What is the result?

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If the distance between two positive point charges is tripled, then the strength of the electrostatic repulsion between them will decrease by a factor of

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A person standing in an elevator watches a spider hanging from a thread attached to the ceiling. Suddenly the elevator accelerates downward. The person watching the spider on the thread will see

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A transformer contains 4000 turns on its primary side and 500 turns on the secondary side. If the input voltage is 240 V, calculate the voltage output of the secondary side.

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Which of the following changes to a double-slit interference experiment with light would increase the widths of the fringes in the diffraction pattern that appears on the screen?

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A child is swinging on a swing set. As the child reaches the lowest point in her swing

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An ideal gas is placed in a 4L container at a temperature of 300K and a pressure of 6 atmospheres. The pressure is held constant while the volume of the gas is halved. What is the new temperature of the gas?

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As the air around the base of a candle flame is heated, it rises and is replaced by cooler air. This illustrates what type of heat transfer?

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A force F of strength 20 N acts on an object of mass 3 kg as it moves a distance of 4 m. If F is perpendicular to the 4 m displacement, the work it does is equal to

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A light ray that enters a glass block from the air is refracted because

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An unknown particle is being studied in a magnetic field of variable intensity and direction. When the magnetic field is turned off, the particle is observed to move toward the earth. When the magnetic field is turned on, the particle is observed to continue to move toward the earth, no matter the strength or the direction of the magnetic field. Which of the particles listed below is most likely the unknown particle?

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Three ice cubes are placed into three equal beakers filled with water. One ice cube has a mass of 50 g, the second ice cube has a mass of 75 g, and the third ice cube has a mass of 100 g. After the ice cubes are added, each beaker is filled to the brim with water at a temperature of 1 degrees celsius. After a period of time passes and all three ice cubes melt, which of the following situations is most likely?

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The specific heat for substance A is twice the specific heat of substance B. The same mass of each substance is allowed to gain 50 Joules of heat energy. As a result of the heating process

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A pile of 11 books weighing 2 N each is sitting on a table. With what total force does the table push back on the books?

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A hydrogen electron gains enough energy to rise from the n=1 to the n=5 energy level. How much energy does it gain?

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The image created by a converging lens is projected onto a screen that's 60 cm from the lens. If the height of the image is the height of the object, what's the focal length of the lens?

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Two separate 10L containers each contain a different gas. One gas is at a temperature of 400K; the other gas is at a temperature of 200K. When both gases are added to the same 10L container, which statement is correct? I. The hotter gas loses heat to the cooler gas. II. The hotter gas increases in temperature when the two are squeezed together. III. The cooler gas decreases in temperature when placed into the second container.

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While riding on a merry-go-round, you decide to move from a position close to the center to a position on the outside rim of the merry-go-round. After you have changed position, which of the following has remained the same?

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A professional golfer strikes a golf ball with his driver, imparting a momentum of 8 kg·m/s on the ball. The golf ball strikes a wall and maintains contact for .0025 seconds before it bounces straight backward at the same velocity with which it struck the wall. The momentum of the golf ball is

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Two people, one of mass 100 kg and the other of mass 50 kg, stand facing each other on an ice-covered (essentially frictionless) pond. If the heavier person pushes on the lighter one with a force F, then

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When a skydiver jumps from an airplane, he eventually reaches terminal velocity. At that time the force of the air resistance is

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Which of the following equations best states the relationship between a material's coefficient of volume expansion due to heating, delta V, and its coefficient of linear expansion, delta L?

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