How to Become A Varsity Athlete in Canada

As a high school student, the idea of participating in varsity in varsity athletics can be daunting. Even more daunting can be the process of obtaining a spot on a varsity team. American post-secondary institutions often have clear and transparent paths to becoming a varsity student-athlete, but the same does not hold true in Canada. This article provides detailed insight into the process behind securing a spot on a varsity team in Canada before you even begin your undergraduate journey.

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Canadian University Acceptance Rates

Many international and domestic students look to study in some of Canada’s top Universities. Surprisingly, these Universities have some of the highest acceptance rates in comparison to the top American Universities while still offering an amazing education.

The following is a compilation of the undergraduate acceptance rates to some of Canada’s top Universities. Please note that some Universities do not outright provide these statistics. Thus some data has had to be estimated using the information provided by each institution. The link to each university’s data has been provided below:

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Hardest Undergraduate Programs to Get Into in Canada

Compared to many of the “elite” Ivy League Schools in the USA the acceptance rates for most undergraduate programs in Canada are relatively high. However, there are some programs that are highly competitive and can be extremely hard to get into. 

We’ve compiled data from some of the most reputable university ranking sources available to determine our list for the 8 hardest undergraduate programs to get into in Canada. This list will include undergraduate programs from many fields including engineering, business, and sciences.

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