Queen’s Commerce Acceptance Rate and Employment Report

How hard is it to get into Queen’s Commerce?

The Smith Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen’s University has often been ranked as one of the most selective undergraduate programs to get into and currently stands as the fourth hardest program to get into in Canada!

The Queen’s Commerce acceptance rate has been around 7% in the past few years. Their admission team looks for well-rounded candidates who are high academic achievers that usually maintain a 90%+ admission average and are also enthusiastic and bright individuals looking to make a change in their schools and communities.

To calculate the acceptance rate statistics of the Queen’s Commerce program we can use some of the admissions data provided by the university. According to the most recent statistics, the Queen’s Commerce program receives 7000+ applicants per year for their program. The entering class of commerce students is approximately 500 per year giving us a conservative acceptance rate of around 7%.

Getting into Queen’s Commerce is as hard as getting into Ivy League Schools. Here are the 2020 acceptance rates for the most prestigious and most competitive Universities in the United States: (1,2)

  • Harvard University: 4.9% acceptance rate
  • Cornell University: 10.7%
  • Princeton University: 5.6% acceptance rate
  • Columbia University: 6.1% acceptance rate
  • Brown University: 6.9% 
  • University of Pennsylvania: 8.1%
  • Dartmouth College: 8.8%
  • Yale University: 6.5% acceptance rate
Queen's Commerce Acceptance Rate vs Ivy League Universities

Queen’s Commerce ranks among some of the most selective undergraduate programs in Canada. Here are some of the acceptance rates for those universities:

Why is the Queen’s Commerce program so popular?

Like many of the business programs in Canada, the Queen’s Commerce program is competitive because its graduates have great success in the job market and earn great incomes. Queen’s University releases an employment report every year on what their graduates do after university. 

We have summarized some of the most notable pieces of information from their most recent employment report here. The Queen’s Commerce program graduates have impressive job acquisition statistics. Within 6 months of graduation, 98% of their job-seeking graduates have reported being employed. Their average base salary, not including benefits, was $61,253, with the higher base salaries being around $119,655.  

Queen’s Commerce Graduates Employment Type Listed by Function:

Queen's Commerce Employment Type by Function

Part of the reason why so many of Queen’s Commerce graduates are able to find employment so quickly is because of the 200+ corporate partners that post job opportunities for their program including IBM, Indeed, JP Morgan, Shopify, TD, and Uber!

Is the Queen’s Commerce Program Worth it?

Although people can determine the Queen’s Program’s worth in many different ways, the easiest and simplest way is to compare its tuition costs to a graduate’s potential salary. So what is the tuition cost of the Queen’s Commerce Program?

Queen’s Univesity has provided a cost estimate for how much you will spend on the program. The tuition cost for one year as an Commerce student is $16,288. On top of this one can expect to pay $1,250 in student fees and $2,175 in textbooks and supplies. For students who do not live on campus Queen’s University also offers residents and meal plans to students for $14,315 per year, however, you may be able to find cheaper accommodations elsewhere. In total, one can expect to pay $34,028 for each of the four years they spend at the program.

With an average starting salary of $61,253, you can expect to pay back most of your tuition in two years. This makes the Queen’s Commerce program, from a monetary standpoint, an extremely worthwhile investment. 

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