What is the Sigma Male Grindset?

The Sigma Male Grindset is the mindset that many have jokingly touted as a way to be successful. Although it has some flaws the idea of a sigma male has many lessons that we can take into our daily lives. It teaches oneself to have a combination of determination, discipline, and drive. This mindset can help you achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. If you are looking to succeed in life, then why not take some lessons from the commonly misrepresented Sigma Male Grindset.

What is the Sigma Male Grindset?

According to popular representation, people with the sigma male mindset are not afraid to go against the grain and break the rules; they do not identify with a particular place in the hierarchy. Sigma males are also independent thinkers who do not conform to societal norms. They love freedom, independence, and solitude over status, money, and fame. Some important habits that define a Sigma male include.

A sigma male goes left when a majority goes right

A sigma male is, by nature, a nonconformist; he doesn’t follow the herd unless he has a good reason.

Yes, he can be social and enjoy social gatherings, but in the grand scheme of things, he rather goes his own way. The sigma male recognizes that herd behaviour is often the consequence of being led like sheep by a shepherd. Because he does not like authority, he sees himself unfit for the majority. When he travels, he avoids the big tourist attractions. When he goes for a hike, he prefers uncharted areas. He is rarely susceptible to hypes trends and mass hysteria. This does not mean that he denounces the world. A Sigma male:

  • knows how to act like one of the herd
  • knows how to dress and talk like the herd
  • knows how to think like the herd 

However, the sigma male is not part of the herd, and that’s his secret. 

A sigma male focuses on himself

A sigma male often goes on dates with himself. For most people, life consists of many relationships. This could be relationships with colleagues, family members, friends, or classmates. A sigma male might enjoy social interaction but also opts for some time alone.

When he travels home from work, he looks forward to a nice long intermission from the busy, noisy world in solitude. He has a million things going on; he might be working on a business, a creative project, or perhaps he’s reading a book he enjoys. But, no matter what he does, a sigma male enjoys his own company and always looks to improve. This is known as a growth mindset.

A sigma male is okay travelling alone

Going in a group or at least in a duo is the norm when travelling. However, the Sigma male often chooses to travel on his own. They find it fantastic to close the front door, equipped with a small backpack, and begin an adventure away from their job, hometown, and all the people they hang around.

Travelling alone is not just a solitary matter, it could be, but it is also a chance to meet many new people. Furthermore, travelling alone generally makes you more receptive to strangers approaching you.

While most people cling to each other when entering unknown places, the Sigma meal rejects such behaviour and steps out of the safety bubble to face the world on his own.

The sigma male constantly adapts

The Sigma meal is a master chameleon; he gets along with people from all layers of the hierarchy. He knows how to act like to herd without becoming part of the herd. Bruce Lee said, “be like water,” and that’s exactly what a sigma male does.

No matter if he resides in the highest of clouds or the lowest and darkest parts of the sewers, the Sigma male finds his way to his goals like a brook finds its way to the pond. In the presence of alpha males, his subtle ways eroded their toughness like a river erodes hard rock. His adaptability is a strength; he doesn’t fear change but embraces it and realizes that change is the only constant. Therefore, no matter where he goes, he quickly blends in and stays under the radar.

The sigma male prefers an easy, tranquil existence over fame and attention and doesn’t want to be that special snowflake. 

A sigma male stays silent if he does not understand

Many people have their opinions on things they don’t know anything about. They want to look smart or dominate a conversation. However, the sigma male only talks when he has something valuable to add to the discussion, which is only the case if he understands the subject.

Moreover, as far as he is concerned, keeping your mouth shut is superior to speaking most of the time. Not only are you giving away valuable information when you’re talking all the time you are not listening either. The sigma male not only prevents disturbing a conversation with nonsense, but he might also learn something meaningful.

There are exceptions to the rule; we all get in a certain mood, sometimes engaging in nonsense talk. 

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