Dental School Acceptance Rates in the USA

All applicants should consider the requirements of each dental school as well as their acceptance rate before applying. 

The average acceptance rate for all dental schools in America in 2020 was 7.3%. If you would like to see the acceptance rates of Canadian Dental School click here. The total number of applicants, interview spots, and accepted students each year has been provided by the individual dental schools below.

Another important aspect to consider is the dental school’s policies for out-of-state applicants: Some schools have no preference, some schools a small preference and some strong preference for in-state applicants (see below for more information).

Acceptance Rates for Each Dental School in America:

Dental School Admission Statistics in America: In-State vs. Out-of-State Applicants 

Many dental schools in America explicitly skew their admission process in favour of applicants who reside within the state in which the dental school is located. 

Some of the American dental schools that favour in-state applicants explicitly state the maximum number, out-of-province applicants, that they will accept and the maximum number of international students that they will accept. Take a look at the acceptance rates comparing in-state vs out-of-state to see what universities might be the most appropriate to apply to.

Dental School Acceptance is much harder as an Out-of-State Applicant!

International Applicant Dental School Acceptance Rates

Acceptance Rates for International Applicants are also different compared to the in-state applicants. Take a look at the acceptance rates for international applicants to see what universities might be the most appropriate to apply to.

Understanding Dental School Requirements in America:

In addition to admission statistics, you should study in detail the dental school requirements before you apply.

If you would like an in-depth analysis of the dental school requirements for a specific dental school in America including average admitted GPA and DAT scores as well as detailed information about the interview, autobiographical sketch, and admissions weighting statistics, the link above is a great source of information.

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