Free CASPer Practice Tests

Taking a CASPer practice exam may give you an idea of the sort and degree of questions as well as assess your reasoning skills. Unfortunately, there are not many sample tests of CASPer problems that may be found on the internet, especially those that are free.

We’ve compiled completely free sample tests for students. New questions will be added below when they are available.

These tests should be used as diagnostic exams to help you assess your progress when beginning your studies and preparing for the CASPer test. Take one before you start studying to discover which areas you need to work on and take the rest of them during your study to measure your progress. Before you begin we highly recommend taking a look at a breakdown of the CASPer test and techniques for preparing for the CASPer test. Good luck!

Additional Practice Tests

As we continue to develop our question banks, new questions will be uploaded here to updated versions of this website.

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  1. sara

    Hi are sample answers available for these practice tests?

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