Comprehensive MCAT Question of the Day Website List

MCAT Question of the Day services are a great, low commitment, way to continuously test your understanding of topics studied. Using this free resource in combination with MCAT Anki Decks and MCAT Prep Books can help fully prepare students for the MCAT.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best free MCAT Question of the Day services recommended by current medical school students. All these services are free of charge, but they may send marketing emails which we recommend you just ignore.

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Best MCAT Anki Decks and Flashcards

Within the medical school community, Anki Decks have quickly become adopted as an amazing way to study. This online program has helped many professionals memorize and retain content for longer periods of time. As a result of its effectiveness, many medical school students and applicants have worked together to create pre-made Anki flashcards to help prepare test-takers for the MCAT.

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MCAT Prep Books and Online Resources

Studying for the MCAT is a highly time-intensive and challenging process. Many students take multiple months of full-time studying to fully prepare for their tests. To aid in this process many companies have provided both free and paid resources to help you succeed. The following is a fully compiled list of the best MCAT prep books and online resources. It has been made using the opinions of current and applying medical school students.

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MCAT Prerequisites/Recommended Coursework

There are no prerequisites for taking the MCAT. However, students should make sure to complete the prerequisites for application to the medical school of their choice. In addition to this, it is highly recommended that students wishing to take the MCAT take the following courses, in order of importance, to prepare themselves for the content on the test.

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MCAT Scores: Understanding Percentiles and Determining a Good Score

At first glance, it can be difficult to determine what a good MCAT score is. This post will give a breakdown of the difference between raw scores, scaled scores, and percentiles for the MCAT. It will also compare the difference between an average score, a good score, and a high score to help you determine which schools to apply to or if you should consider retaking your test.

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MCAT Sections: What is on the MCAT Exam?

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is an online standardized test required for medical school admissions. This test is 7.5 hours long and is designed to assess an applicant’s foundational knowledge as well as critical thinking on the topics required to study medicine. Understanding the topics and breakdown of all four MCAT sections is critical to preparing and performing well on your test.

This post will break down all you need to know about the MCAT sections, including section topics, length, and the number of questions.

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