Mcmaster Health Sciences Prerequisites

So you are thinking of applying to the McMaster health sciences program, one of the most competitive and lowest acceptance rate undergraduate programs in Canada. 

Let’s walk through all the requirements, tips, and tricks for a successful application.

Please note: this guide is for high school students wishing to apply as a “Level 1 applicant”. If you are a first-year undergraduate student wishing to enter the BHSc program in your second year, we have made a separate guide for you here

What are McMaster University Health Sciences Requirements?

To be a qualified applicant for the McMaster Health Sciences program you must meet all three requirements:

  1. Prerequisite courses
  2. Grade requirement
  3. Supplementary application

There are only those three requirements and yet every year there are hundreds of applicants whose applications are rejected without consideration because not all three prerequisites are met, so make sure you are clear about what is needed.

What are the McMaster health sciences prerequisite courses?

To be a qualified applicant you must have all of the following six grade 12 courses completed by the end of grade 12: (1)

  • English (ENG 4U_)
  • Biology (SBI 4U_)
  • Chemistry (SCH 4U_)
  • One of the grade 12 math courses:
    • Advanced Functions (MHF 4U_)
    • Calculus & Vectors (MCV 4U_)
    • Mathematics of Data Management (MDM 4U_)
  • One non-math, non-science, non-technology 4U/M (Use this link to see if your course meets this requirement)
  • One additional U/M grade 12 course of your choice

What grade do I need to Apply to Health Sciences at McMaster?

All McMaster Health Sciences applicants must have at least a 90% grade 12 average in the six mandatory courses when applying. 

Having at least a 90% average in the 6 pre-requisite courses makes you a qualified applicant. (2) If you’re looking for tricks to improve your high school grades and get within the 90% average check out our post on the top study habits to get maximum grades in minimum time!

Once you are a qualified applicant, the supplementary application will be the primary determinant of being accepted or not. 

Every year there are applicants with an average in the high 90s that do not get an offer of admission because their supplementary application was weak.

Every year there are applicants with an average in the low 90s that get an offer of admission because their supplementary application was strong. Don’t count yourself out if your average is in the low 90s! Apply and work your butt off on the supplementary application.

It is important to note that McMaster Health Sciences will only see your first-semester final grades and second-semester mid-term grades when making acceptance decisions. Once accepted in May it is only required to maintain an 80% average in your grade 12 mandatory courses. This means your first semester marks are much more important than your second-semester marks.

What is the McMaster Health Sciences Supplementary Application?

In addition to meeting all grade and course requirements, all Health Science applicants are required to complete a supplementary application when applying. We have created a detailed post on the supplementary application process here as well as tips and tricks from real Health Science students to help make yourself stand out amongst other applicants.

What are the dates and deadlines for the Health Sciences Application?

The following is a list of all major dates and deadlines for your application to make sure you don’t miss anything important. If you miss a deadline there is no extension so please keep up to date with your application process via email and on OUAC.

  • Late November: By late November you will have received all information for logging into Ontario University’s Application Centre (OUAC). This includes your school number, student number, and temporary PIN (3)
  • Mid-January: Deadline for all Ontario applicants to apply to Ontario Universities via OUAC. By this date, you must have chosen your top universities to apply to on OUAC.
  • Mid-February: McMaster will email you with details on your OUAC linked email with information on how to submit your supplementary application. You will be given a 3-day timeslot to submit your supplementary application on the portal. Note: The supplementary application questions are released far in advance of this deadline. 
  • Early May: McMaster Health Sciences will send out acceptance letters to the program. McMaster makes their offers later than almost all other programs due to the long time it takes to grade 5000+ applicants.

FAQ about McMaster Health Sciences Prerequisites:

Do my grade 11 marks matter when applying to McMaster Health Sciences?

No. McMaster Health Sciences only takes into consideration the 6 grade 12 marks outlined on our website for its application process.

Do all grade 12 marks matter when applying for McMaster Health Sciences?

No. McMaster Health Sciences only considers specific courses from applicants. The list above specifies the only courses that are considered.

Does McMaster Health Sciences require a list of extracurriculars, reference letters, or resumes?

No. McMaster Health Sciences does accept a list of extracurriculars, reference letters, or resumes. The acceptance process is based solely on your grade requirement, course requirement, and supplementary application. That being said you may choose to include some of your extracurricular activities in the supplementary application if you feel it would benefit your application.

Does McMaster Health Sciences offer early acceptances?

No. McMaster Health Sciences does not offer early acceptances. All acceptance letters will be given out in early May.

Is it true that some students with a 98+% average did not get accepted into the program?

Yes, this is true. Just because you have a grade of 100% does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Similarly, grades in the low 90s are still competitive so do not let this discourage you. Your supplementary application is extremely important when deciding admission.  

When does McMaster Health Science Acceptance Letters Come Out?

McMaster Health Sciences will send out acceptance letters for their program in early May. The program makes its offers later than almost all other Ontario programs due to the long time it takes to narrow down 5000+ applicants to 240 spots.

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