McMaster Health Sciences Level 2 Applicant Prerequisites

So you are thinking of applying to the McMaster health sciences program, one of the most competitive and lowest acceptance rate undergraduate programs in Canada. 

Let’s walk through all the requirements, tips, and tricks to a successful application. Please note this guide is for 1st-year university students wishing to apply as a “Level 2 applicant”. If you are a high school student wishing to enter the BHSc program please read our guide for the Level 1 application process here.

What are McMaster Health Sciences’ Program Requirements?

To apply to McMaster Health Sciences as a level 2 applicant there are three requirements you must meet. They are the grade requirement, course requirement, and supplemental application. (1)

What Grade and Courses do I need to Apply for Health Sciences?

Unlike Level 1 applicants there are very few requirements for a Level 2 transfer applicant to the Health Sciences program. All McMaster Health Sciences applicants must have completed only one year of undergraduate studies and achieved at least a 3.7(A-) overall. In addition to this students must have completed the following courses in their first year of study:

  • One full year of first year Biology 
  • One full year of first year Chemistry 

Please note that if you have completed more than one year of undergraduate study you are not eligible to apply for a transfer to the BHSc program.

What is the McMaster Health Sciences Supplementary Application?

In addition to meeting all grade and course requirements all Health Science applicants will be required to complete a supplementary application when applying. This is the exact same supplementary application that high school applicants are required to complete to get into the program. We have created a detailed post on the supplementary application process here as well as tips and tricks from real Health Science students to help make yourself stand out amongst other applicants.

What are the dates and deadlines for my Health Sciences Application?

The following is a list of all major dates and deadlines for your application to make sure you don’t miss anything important. If you miss a deadline there is no extension so please keep up to date with your application process via email and on OUAC.

  • April 1st: The deadline for all non McMaster applicants to apply for the program is this day on OUAC. Applicants who apply from McMaster University have more time and are required to complete a Level 2 Program Application in MOSAIC which is available in April.
  • Early May: McMaster will email you with details with information on how to complete your supplemental application via your McMaster MOSAIC or OUAC linked email. You will be given a 3 day timeslot to complete your application on their portal. Note, that all supplemental application questions will be given out far in advance of this deadline. 
  • June 1st: Your final transcript will be uploaded and must be submitted through OUAC by this date to be considered for acceptance. Students studying at McMaster do not need to worry about this as mosaic already has the information.

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