UofS Medical School Requirements and Acceptance Rate

The University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine is one of 17 medical schools in Canada. It is also one of the smallest medical schools, by accepted applicants, in Canada.

In 2021, the UofS medical school acceptance rate was 13.8%. Of the 727 undergraduate students that applied, only 100 were admitted into the program. However, the acceptance rate for applicants who applied from outside of Saskatchewan is smaller at 2.33%. Of the 387 out-of-province applicants, 9 were admitted to the program.

The Usask medical school undergraduate requirements, including admission statistics, are categorized below in the priority of what an applicant must submit to be considered:


  1. Pre-requisite courses
  2. Minimum number of years of undergraduate study required
  3. GPA


  1. Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
  2. CASPer Test
  3. Reference Check
  4. Interview

USask Medical School Requirements: Prerequisite Courses

All students applying to the University of Saskatchewan Medical School must have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree by the proposed year of entry.

There are no specific course requirements for admission to this medical school. The University of Saskatchewan recommends that students take courses that they are interested in and passionate about in their undergraduate careers.

UofS Med Requirements: GPA Calculation and Requirements

The University of Saskatchewan has a bias towards in-province (IP) applicants over out-of-province (OOP) applicants. The university states that a maximum of 5% of seats can be given to OOP applicants. The reason behind this choice is so that students who graduate from their program are more likely to serve the communities they studied in. As a result admission requirements are less competitive for IP applicants versus OOP applicants.

Minimum Grade to Apply (IP)Minimum Grade to Apply (OOP)Average Grade of accepted applicants (All)Lowest Grade Admitted (All)

When calculating your GPA a simple average of all undergraduate degree courses will be taken.

UofS Medical School Requirements: MCAT and CASPer 

MCAT and CASPer Overview:

CASPer RequiredMCAT RequiredMCAT Scores Considered
Most Recent

MCAT Admission Score Statistics:

C/P ScoreCARS ScoreB/B Score P/S Score
Minimum Score Admitted (IP)494 Total494 Total494 Total494 Total
Minimum Score Admitted (OOP)519 Total519 Total519 Total519 Total
Average Score Accepted (All)509.7 Total509.7 Total509.7 Total509.7 Total
Mean scores were not released for each section by the UofA only for all sections combined

CASPer Test: The Canadian Professional Health Sciences test is required by this University. Only the 90-minute situational judgement test is required. This test must be taken in the language you intend to study during your studies. The CASPer snapshot will not be taken into consideration by the admissions committee. Applicants will need to meet a certain cutoff score to be invited for interviews.

Medical College Admission Test: The University of Saskatchewan must have received and verified your MCAT score by October 1st of the year of application. The MCAT must be written in the past 5-years prior to the date of application. If taken multiple times your most recent score will be considered in your application. For those looking for MCAT prep courses, we recommend those offered by the Princeton Review. They are a reputable long standing company that offers a variety of different course options to meet individual needs.

University of Saskatchewan Medical School References:

Three references must be provided to the University of Saskatchewan. They must have supervised you in either research, volunteer or employment role. They will be contacted via phone and be asked questions that may rule out an applicant for interview invites.

USask Medical School Interview:

MandatoryBy InvitationNumber of Applicants InvitedEntering Class Size

Shortlisted candidates will be required to partake in an interview with the University of Saskatchewan admissions team around late March. Interview invites will be decided based on meeting either the IP or OOP MCAT, Casper, and GPA cutoffs.

The format of the interview will be an MMI consisting of 12 interview stations approximately 10 minutes in length. One of these stations will be used for a rest break and another will be used to complete a written component of the MMI. A list of topics that may be asked by the University of Saskatchewan include:

  • Ethical Decision Making
  • CanMEDs roles
  • Role-play scenarios
  • Current events
  • Knowledge of the Healthcare System
  • Interpersonal/Communication activities
  • Personal questions

If you are looking for interview practice check out our posts on both MMI Practice Questions and Standard Interview Practice Questions.

UofS Med Offers of Admission Decision:

The University of Saskatchewan Medical School’s offers for admission will be based upon a mix of academic achievement, MCAT scores, and results of the interview process. The criteria for admissions is different for OOP and IP applicants and are listed below:

  • IP Applicants: 30% GPA, 20% MCAT, 50% MMI
  • OOP Applicants: 100% MMI

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