5 Best Free Prep Resources for the New CASPer Test 

The Casper test is an online situational judgment test (SJT) that is highly weighted by multiple post-graduate programs. Thus, it is vital to understand the components of the test, as well as what you must do to be prepared. This post, written by our friends at Prepbeacon, provides a list of the best CASPer test prep resources for students taking the new CASPer test with video responses.

What are the Changes for the New 2022-2023 CASPer Test

The CASPer test measures the applicant’s personal characteristics, social intelligence, and professionalism in various settings and ethical situations. This 100-120 minute test consists of 15 word-based, and video-based question prompts. Each prompt has three corresponding questions, designed to test the applicant’s ability to think under pressure and tackle ethical situations.

The first half of the examination (a total of 9 prompts) requires all responses to be in a written format. Test takers have 5 minutes to answer all 3 questions for each respective prompt.

The second half of the examination (a total of 6 prompts) requires all responses to be in a video format; this means applicants will be recorded via webcam and will have to verbalize their responses clearly and concisely. Test takers will have 1 minute to speak per response, totalling 3 minutes for each prompt. This section of the test is new and has only recently been implemented in 2022, but it should not be taken lightly. This section is implemented to help level the playing field, and give test takers a chance to demonstrate their verbal and interviewing skills. Both sections are weighted equally and are equally important and relevant for admission.

For more information on the Casper test, as well as a detailed breakdown on the types of questions presented, we recommend taking a look at this free video course that details everything you need to know before test day.

Why is the CASPer Test Important?

The Casper test is exceptionally important for admission to numerous professional programs worldwide, including medical, dental, and pharmacy schools. With a major shift towards holistic assessment, schools are beginning to value and use the Casper as a major tool in measuring their applicant’s credibility. The Casper test illustrates components of your personality that your GPA and test scores cannot communicate. Not only must you ensure your written communication is succinct, but you must also work on your interviewing skills and professionalism to excel at this examination. 

Free Resources for Casper Test Preparation

Resources for ethical knowledge for the Casper exam 

Now that you’ve understood the foundations of the Casper test, you may be wondering: how does one study for an examination of this nature – especially for an exam that has very recently changed its structure by introducing a new video component.

Firstly, it is in your best interest to study for this exam like you would for any other test – with diligence and a variety of resources. The traits that the Casper exam tests can be learned and practiced, and for most test-takers, practice is required to achieve a fourth-quartile score. If you are unfamiliar with general ethics, seek out a medical ethics resource to help you become familiar with the basic rules and regulations in healthcare environments and society.

An excellent novel to formulate an understanding of medical ethics is the book Doing Right: A Practical Guide to Ethics for Medical Trainees and Physicians. Knowing the general idea behind the principles discussed in the book is sufficient – there is no need to read this book front to back. A good way to ensure that you understand the book’s premise is by partaking in discussions with peers about the principles – hearing other people’s perspectives can solidify understanding.

Free Casper Practice Tests 

Once a general understanding of ethics and professionalism is developed, it is best to seek out representative ethical questions and fourth-quartile sample answers in order to practice your responses. Remember, just as with any test, there is a proven strategy to do well.

For the most representative sample questions, visit the Casper website. It is important to note that these practice questions do not come with sample answers. Thus, for full-length representative tests, a large question bank, and sample fourth quartile responses, visit PrepBeacon. The PrepBeacon platform has a highly representative Casper practice test interface, ensuring familiarity with the Casper test before test day, and the ability to have your full-length tests marked by current fourth-quartile medical/dental students. Additionally, PrepBeacon provides 4th quartile answers for each prompt you are presented with. This is a highly valuable resource, as it displays what is required to achieve a competitive score on test day.

Another resource for Casper’s practice questions is Prep Match. PrepMatch is a resource that allows you to complete circuits of ethical questions, written in a similar structure as the Casper exam. After completing the questions, you can have your responses graded anonymously by a peer. You also can grade other peers’ questions, to get a new perspective of other potential responses. This is an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of the question, and compare your answers with others to see areas of weakness. It is important to note, however, that the quality of your grading cannot be controlled, as the peer grading your work is another applicant, and not a medical or dental student.

Lastly, MasterStudent has free diagnostic Casper practice tests available to the public. These are an excellent way to gauge your understanding of ethics, as well as become familiar with the types of questions you will encounter on test day.

Resources to improve typing speed on the Casper test

Once you have a strategy that works best for you and a thorough understanding of how to answer the questions, it is best to practice speed. Regardless of what others might tell you, typing speed DOES matter. The Casper test moves quite fast, and having the ability to write down all of your thoughts is a definite advantage. There are many free resources for practicing typing speed, but when it comes to preparing for the Casper test, PrepBeacon provides a free typing resource that is geared towards the test with a unique added advantage. The PrepBeacon typing test interface presents you with Casper answers and key phrases commonly seen in fourth-quartile responses. This generator is created with the idea of passively reinforcing word phrases and sentence structures that are commonly used in 4th quartile responses. This, in turn helps the user become fluent in quickly typing and structuring highly competitive Casper responses.

Resources for the new 2022-2023 Casper video response section 

Now that you are prepared for the written portion of the exam, it is time to work on the video response section. As previously mentioned, the 2022 Casper test now includes a video response portion that makes up the second half of the exam. Remember, the video response section is just as important, and you must practice in order to do well.

Start by practicing your general interviewing skills, in the same way, you would prepare for an MMI or traditional interview. Before interview day, it is vital that you are familiar with the basic structure and commonly used questions in a professional interview; this video is a great resource to help familiarize yourself with the basics.

When it comes to basic interview etiquette and professionalism, you must be familiar with proper body language, professional communication skills and an optimal interview setting. This video by the University of Texas Medical School details the basics you should know pre-interview day. When actively practicing interview questions and formulating your responses, a commonly used tip is to record yourself answering interview questions, and watching the recording back to see where you can improve – or better yet, grab a friend and practice together for direct instantaneous feedback. 

PrepBeacon’s tests have the ability to do this in their Casper test, you can record yourself in a representative test interface, and then view it back with a sample fourth quartile response to compare it to. 

Overall Tips for Succeeding on the Casper Test: 

  1. Practice answering questions out loud and record yourself to see how you sound.
  2. Pay attention to the time limits for each section and practice staying within those limits.
  3. Practice with sample questions and take advantage of free online resources and practice tests.
  4. Consider taking a course or seeking guidance from a tutor or mentor to help you prepare.
  5. Be honest and authentic in your responses. The test is looking for qualities such as empathy, professionalism, and social intelligence, so it is important to show your true self.

Final Thoughts 

At the end of the day, the Casper is not something to fear. It is designed to make your application more holistic, and measure abilities that are not captured by test scores and academics. With the proper Casper test preparation, the exam can greatly boost your standing, and make you shine amongst other candidates. A fourth-quartile score indicates professionalism, a strong understanding of ethics, and excellent problem-solving capabilities – all characteristics that will make you thrive in your career. Do your best to prepare, utilize the resources available, and, most importantly, take a deep breath. You’ll do great!

This article was written by the team at Prepbeacon. Prepbeacon endeavours to be the most representative, accurate, and accessible resource for the new 2022-2023 Casper test. They strive to ensure the success of all students by providingfull-length tests, learning tips, and strategies on how to interpret and answer questions for free.
- The Prepbeacon Team

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